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Our enthusiastic volunteers and employees develop experience-oriented STEM activities in a workshop format. Why workshops and not courses? By hands-on experimentation and creation, kids and young adults get the best understanding of everything science.

Workshops for kids
ages 5 – 18 years old


In the context of inclusive education, we organize and provide after-school workshops for children and young people from 5 to 18 years old, in schools where ‘inclusive education’ is a priority. The workshops are suitable for children and young people from:

  • Preschool education
  • Primary education
  • First grade of secondary education (12-14)
  • Second grade of secondary education (14-16)
  • Third grade of secondary education (16-18)
  • Special education

During the workshops a broad range of scientific subjects is brought forward. These include: biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, sustainability, microscopy, …

Want to organise a workshop?


Do you work with a group that rarely comes into contact with science? Contact us. Ekoli Neem dan contact op met ons. Ekoli develops and gives a great workshop or engaging tailor-made project, adapted to your budget and the interests and possibilities of the children or young people.



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Workshops tailored to your needs

Every child, every group of young people and every classroom is different. That is why we ensure that our workshops are always adapted based on prior knowledge and/or specific care needs of the participants.

This is how we proceed:



Everyone can and may propose an original idea for a workshop. We regularly organize open brainstorm sessions in which everyone can participate: experts, researchers, teachers, students …



Our passionate team of volunteers fully develops the STEM workshop: materials, size, price, target group, working method…

Ekoli supports this development process through the necessary expertise and experience.



At first, the workshops will be tested with different target groups so that the content is 100% tailored to children and young people with the same prior knowledge and interests. This applies to both the practical exercises and the theoretical background.

After the test phase, we adjust our workshops based on the feedback received from the participants and the organizations.

Ready to inspire


The creative, scientific workshop is now ready to inspire children and young people. Would you like to book an after-school wokshop series with us? Request the necessary information and a quote via the button below.



We focus on sustainability and try to recycle as much as possible. That is why we like to work with reusable and simple (disposable) materials so that the activity is sustainable for you, the student and the school. Think of household, garden and kitchen materials, toilet rolls, bricks that would otherwise disappear into the bin, …


Do you have scientific material that you no longer use? Maybe we might be able to do something with it! Let us know.



In STEM-education (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) scientific and technical concepts are central. In addition, there is also a strong link to social themes such as energy, ecology and sustainability. Students are encouraged to, think of research questions, think critically and problem-solve, and plan and carry out experiments.

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