About Ekoli


Ekoli wants to give every child the opportunity to experiment, create and research in science.



Science inclusive! Our tagline summarises our mission: Ekoli vzw wants to give every child the opportunity to experiment, create and research in science, regardless of their prior knowledge or background.


We focus on an inclusive approach to inspire as many children and young people as possible, after all, science must be accessible to everyone. Because the children and young people of today are the scientists of tomorrow. The bright minds who have to develop sustainable solutions for the future: think of biodegradable building materials, light production with micro-organisms, curing incurable diseases, growing animal-free meat…



Making science tangible and accessible for all kids, that is our mission. How do we achieve this in concrete terms? By lowering the barriers that prevent children and young people from a vulnerable context from coming into contact with science. We detect 4 major barriers that we try to reduce as much as possible:

  • Accessibility
  • Prior knowledge, background or specific care needs
  • Financial resources
  • Lack of recognizable role models



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Meet the team!

The Ekoli-team consists of these bright minds. Each and every one of them is a passionate

person with a great love for science. Together they strive for a common goal: giving children and young people the opportunity to work with science, even if this seems challenging due to various factors.



“We believe that educational innovation is created by an outside force that brings together different backgrounds, groups and themes with one goal: relevant, inclusive and experience-oriented workshops that fascinate, inspire and engage.”

Ekoli translates science into accessible workshops that we tailor to our target audience before making them available.



Inclusive education means lessons that are fully tailored to the talents, interests, competencies and capabilities of the students. This way, everyone can fully participate in the lessons, regardless of their background, prior knowledge or specific care needs. It is a safe learning environment in which every student feels involved and connected, and receives maximum support in discovering and developing their talents and interests.



In STEM-education (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) scientific and technical concepts take center stage. In addition, there is also a strong link to social themes such as energy, ecology and sustainability. Students are encouraged to, think of research questions, think critically and problem-solve, and plan and carry out experiments.

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