Practical workshops and city game
Habitable city

Talent workshop TAJO 2022, Ghent


How habitable is the city? Ekoli volunteers developed a workshop series in which we invite young people to jump into the skin of a scientist and look for the answer to this very relevant question. The kids go out In their own environment and collect samples of the soil and water. Back in the laboratory, they work on various scientific experiments using different measurement methods. They investigate the micro-organisms in the soil and the oxygen in the water, and their importance. The kids then collect their scientific findings in a report and compare their results with each other, and with the official scientific findings about the quality of life in the city.

Practical workshops and city game Habitable city, Talent workshop TAJO 2022, Ghent

This short, thematic workshop series was developed for TAJO, an organisation in Ghent that strongly focuses on talent development among young people. Ekoli invites the TAJO-kids to bring out their inner scientist and introduces them to science in a playful, practical and hands-on way. Moreover, they get to work in their own environment and work on a theme that is literally and figuratively close to home.

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This workshop series was tested for the first time at TAJO in the spring of 2022, and it was further optimized and rolled out in the TAJO workshops in the autumn of 2022 and spring 2023.