Look back with us at

This is what our first inclusive science festival looked like 👀

Saturday 29th april 2023 became a day to remember. think of Experimenting, Discovering, Learning about science and above all, a day where our volunteers and visitors made fantastic memories together.


We welcomed no less than 400 visitors to the Odisee & KU Leuven Campus in the Rabot neighbourhood! Children of vzw Jong, local residents, young & old and above all… everyone with a heart for science! ❤️

Experiment to your heart’s content

Our visitors made their own miniature lava lamp, learned about gravity, took on the creative challenge of a Rube-Goldberg machine, floated paper flowers on the water and learned about wonderous world of water. And so much more!

you ❤️ escape rooms

One of the favorite activities of the day were without a doubt the escape rooms. The time slots for this challenge were completely full from early morning to late evening. Did you know that one of the teams was able to escape from the escape room in only 40 minutes? 🤯

400 visitors, 22 stands, +30 volunteers, 250 goodie bags that flew out the door, … And best of all? On April 20th 2024 we are doing it all again! Will you be there?! 🫶

This was possible thanks to the support of …

The organisation of this festival was possible thanks to the cooperation of a plethora of organisations. That is why we want to thank all our partners for their support:

Odisee, KU Leuven, Hart voor Gent, Brede School, Roularta, Streekfonds Oost-Vlaanderen, de Warmste Week, vzw Jong, Ysco and Fuzetea.


And of course a big thank you to our workshop instructors.

But not the least to our volunteers who made themselves available before, during and after the science festival.

Thank you!