Ekoli wants to give every child the opportunity to research, experiment and create with science.


Disadvantaged groups

Science for everyone! From the get-go, Ekoli has focused on disadvantaged groups. To reach these groups, we work closely with devoted organisations. Together with you and your organisation, we work out a cool workshop or engaging project, tailored to the capabilities and interests of your clients and your budget. We’re also keen to kick off bigger projects together and will gladly collaborate on applying for funding and finding partners.

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Do you want to teach science engagingly? We’re convinced that kids learn the best when they can take part in the class actively and when their critical and exploratory thinking is stimulated. That’s why we offer teachers the tools to bring their courses as practical and instructive as possible. Ekoli develops workshops that support exactly this goal, where students learn science by experimenting, asking questions and having fun.

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We believe innovation in education is stimulated by an outside force, that brings together different backgrounds, groups and themes under one common goal: relevant, inclusive and experience-based classroom activities that fascinate, inspire and engage.

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