Ekoli wants to give every child the opportunity to research, experiment and create with science.

Ekoli wants to inspire the scientists of tomorrow. Because they will develop the sustainable solutions of tomorrow: biodegradable building materials, producing light with micro-organisms, curing incurable diseases, growing meat without animals… Ekoli is convinced that education has a fundamental role and it gives kids a solid basis to build their lives on. The right teacher at the right moment can make a huge difference. That’s why we train teachers to make science tangible. Ekoli translates science to accessible workshops, which we extensively test in classes ourselves. That way, we make sure our activities are tuned to the rhythm of the classroom, before we make them available to teachers. Our train-the trainer sessions show teachers how they can incorporate practical activities in their courses.


How we work

#1 Brainstorm

Anyone can pitch an idea or topic for a workshop. Ekoli organises an open brainstorm with anyone interested: experts, researchers, educators, students, …


#2 Development

A small team drafts and develops the workshop: materials, scope, cost, target group, procedure… Ekoli supports the development with it’s expertise.


#3 In the classroom

The workshop is tested with different age groups to fine tune the contents and target group. The practical side more or less remains the same, while the theoretical background is fitted to the curriculum of the group.


#4 Teach-the-teacher

At this stage, the workshop is ready to be incorporated into the classroom as a hands-on illustration of theoretical subjects. We teach educators how to build the workshops into their courses and inspire them to systematically integrate these kind of methods.

We believe innovation in education is stimulated by an outside force, that brings together different backgrounds, groups and themes under one common goal: relevant, inclusive and experience-based classroom activities that fascinate, inspire and engage.