A renewed focus, a new website

Welcome to our new site!

This summer we decided, after evaluating the previous year, that Ekoli would focus on underprivileged groups. The impact we had had convinced us to go further along that path.

Specifically, this means we will not be dropping by schools anymore to give workshops for students. But we will keep developing new workshops. We will be continuing our sessions for teachers as well.

These will be organised by either in-service teacher training organisations, like CNO and Tenz. But! We’ll also very happily stop by your school! Collect a classroom full of teachers from your school and surrounding schools and we’ll gladly set up a session at your school. Contact us for more information.

Do you work with a disadvantaged group and do you want to let them experience science? Contact us! We can discuss an activity or project tailored to your capabilities, interests and budget.

Finally, keep an eye on this page! We’ll update on the projects we’re involved in and the partners we’re collaborating with.

See you soon!

Niek D'Hondt